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‘number seven’ – Office Space to Rent in Leamington Spa

’number seven’ is one of our high quality, serviced offices, located in Leamington Spa. It is a refurbished period building and coach house, reflecting the iconic history of the town, to the front and side and a modern, two-storey development at the rear. There is also an enclosed, terraced garden providing an ideal environment for clearing one’s head or for al fresco eating. The offices are complimented by a smart and welcoming reception area and well-equipped meeting room, typical of all our serviced offices.

We aim to make work as easy as possible for you. Say goodbye to long-term leases, limited and expensive parking and an inflexible space management response. You’re able to pay monthly for an all-inclusive experience encompassing everything you need, from the space and furniture to security and cleaning. There’s even a complimentary meeting room and free broadband from our incoming 100Mb fibre-optic supply.

When you take serviced office space, you want to be able to get on with your business as soon as possible. We will have you operational overnight, with no long-term commitment. You will have 24-hour access to the office, every day of the year, and your visitors will receive a very warm welcome in our manned Reception.

‘number seven’ is situated in a prime location, very close to the centre of a thriving town and business community and also enjoys easy access to all of the region’s major roads and motorways as well as extensive, local bus and train services, making it ideal for your employees and visiting clients and suppliers.


Our Philosophy

We are very much hands-on Owner/Directors – you deal directly with us on a day-to-day basis and we are able to be totally flexible on every aspect of our relationship with you
We primarily offer fully-serviced offices in our buildings and work hard to provide a high quality, very calm and professional working environment so you can concentrate on growing your business
We continuously maintain the facility so it is ideal for working in or bringing visitors to
Internal construction provides very flexible space and this enables us to consistently meet the ongoing space requirements of our clients and accounts for our consistently high levels of occupancy and minimal client attrition


The monthly rental payment typically includes the space, business rates, carpets, furniture (desks, chairs, pedestals, cupboards and filing cabinets,) telephone handsets and DDI lines, broadband, electricity, heating & air-conditioning, daily office cleaning, security, reception services, right down to complimentary tea, coffee, milk and sugar! The only fixed cost you would incur, additional to the rental, is the cost of outgoing telephone calls.
We have a meeting room which we provide free as part of the overall service
• Provided via a 100Mb bandwidth fibre-optic feed into the building
• Enables a range of different superfast and dedicated, broadband solutions for individual clients with demanding comms requirements
• Alternatively, there is a free, shared service for clients with less demanding needs
• We have class-leading car-park provision for a town centre location as we own part of the car park adjacent to our building
• Spaces are available for a nominal charge
• We can be very flexible on pricing as we are keen to build long-term relationships with our clients
• We take into account a range of factors, including the actual space taken, the length of commitment you would enter into and potential for future growth, etc., in determining our best offer