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Why Rent a Serviced Office

Why go for a rental office?

Offpro have the answer. Businesses searching for offices often choose a rental office as a home for their business due to their flexibility, ease of use and many other different features. The main reason why businesses often prefer to rent over purchasing properties is due to the uncertain economic changes that can occur. Small businesses often have aspirations of growing and expanding their business’s and therefore just require small offices. It’s also more convenient for small businesses to rent, in terms of cost, it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase an office that can only accommodate 20 employees, when your business plan indicates that within the next 3 years you will require a work force of 100 employees. Renting also reduces the risk of your business going into liquidation as well as the pressure to perform every month, in order to cover overheads.

Getting results

All the boring details to do with the building are completely taken care of, most of the time the bills are included within the rent that you are required to pay each month. This means you can just focus on what you want to – your business! This gives you the clarity and focus you need to achieve success. You get a flexible service, giving you exactly what you need. Small or medium sized rental offices are at your fingertips, with included telephone and broadband lines. Some (like ours) even include high speed lines if you need them, to ensure maximum productivity.

Immediate start

To get you going as soon as possible, we ensure any hassle involved in moving your team into your new serviced office is removed – productivity is, therefore, maintained when compared to setting up your own office. Our offices come fully furnished to your requirements and have telephone and internet connectivity ready and waiting for you to simply ‘plug and play’.

Who is it for?

Often, temporary rental office solutions will be used by businesses seeking a simple office for staff. One that can change far more quickly than a leased office. Business requirements may change, your continued growth might mean it’s worth waiting for the building of your dreams rather than settling for less. Our offices mean you can get all you need with little commitment, whilst enjoying affordability and flexibility.

A partnership with us

Here at Offpro we offer a stellar rental offices in Leamington Spa. Reachable by all main transport links, and are chosen to be the ideal location for you to get the most out of your business. Parking is provided, as well as anything else you could ask for. We have catering, high quality furnishings and equipment, and you will be dealing directly with the directors to ensure all of your needs are met.