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Virtual Offices Leamington Spa FAQ

What is a virtual office?


A virtual office is a physical address for your business without entering long-term leases. Business owners can work from anywhere and also have access to meeting and conference rooms.

Who are virtual offices for?


You wouldn’t believe it, but virtual offices are for a lot of different businesses. Are you an SME business, start-up or even a solo entrepreneur looking to reduce costs and or space quickly? If you’re one of these, then virtual offices will be one of the best investments you’ll make.

Will it take long to set-up?


Of course not – We understand that you want to start as quick as possible, that’s why we use simple contracts that will allow us to set-up your virtual offices within a few days.

What does the virtual offices include?


– Mail collection services

– Mail forwarding services

– A UK registered address

– Access to meeting rooms

What are the benefits?


– The cost is far less than renting an office in the long-term.

– A smaller business can appear bigger than it is because mailing, telephone answering and conferencing services can be used.

What are the drawbacks?


– There can be added costs when businesses want to use multiple features, e.g use of meeting rooms, teleconferencing and more.

– If business owners are working at home they can be more prone to distractions, thus reducing productivity.

Are there any hidden fees?

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No – our contracts are fully transparent which means you will be clear on the fixed costs and what you’re paying for.

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