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In most people’s eyes, Health and Safety within an office space environment isn’t the top priority. When comparing it to construction sites it may seem nothing, but health and safety within any workplace should be the total priority and the office workspace is no exception.  Below we’ve listed some of the things you should consider within the office workspace, and how Offpro can help you offer your employees optimal safety.

Fire Safety


It is vital that all employees must be aware of the fire safety procedures, meeting points and fire exits before they start if not right at the beginning of their new role. This includes ensuring the office has adequate fire extinguishers, fire towels, fire exits, fire alarms and smoke detectors and those employees are aware of the locations of these! Our serviced offices are regularly checked and updated to meet the latest standards and requirements, even going the extra mile for your safety.

Our serviced office buildings have a huge variety of posters and signs with the details clearly outlined for you and your employees.

If you have any questions about our fire safety policy and procedures, please contact our team today!

Electrical Risks

All equipment should be tested and maintained correctly, to avoid anything going wrong. Within serviced offices, electrical items that can be used safely and correctly with small daily checks and correct usage.

For example, laptops shouldn’t consistently be on charge 24/7 and this is the same for mobile phones. The overcharging of both of these products increased the potential risk of fire and definitely reduces the batteries effectiveness.

A common fault is the overcrowding of plug sockets, through extensions. Don’t plug an extension into an extension cable as this increases the strain and likelihood of overheating, increasing the chances of an electrical fire.

First Aid

All offices should have an adequate first aid kit, with someone appointed to take charge of the first aid box and regulations. The first aid arrangements should be readily available to employees upon request, with easy access.

The first aid regulations (Health and Safety Regulations 1981) regulations apply to all businesses, including those with fewer than five employees, to the self-employed.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

With our serviced offices, this is already taken care of, giving you one less thing to think about. However, general cleanliness such as keeping trailing wires tucked away, main walkways and routes clear and desk space neat can all go a long way to ensuring health and safety is all up-kept.


Overloading employees with work and unnecessary deadlines can incur stress levels and pressure that some employees won’t be able to deal with. Its imperative employers understand their employees individually, benefiting both the employer and the employee with the workload!

Understanding exactly what your staff can deal with creates a more efficient working relationship and helps towards creating clear dialogue for the future.








Eye Strain

Especially when working with computer monitors and laptops for long periods of time, eye strain can cause headaches, blurred vision and neck/shoulder pain. Be sure to give your employees breaks from long periods of screen time, and allow them to move around the office to keep them active. Going outside during lunch if the weather is nice is the perfect time to give your employees some needed rest and a different environment for their eyes.

What employers must do

By preparing and providing a Health & Safety policy for your employees, you must ensure they’re aware of its contents and where to find it if they’re concerned about safety within their workplace. They MUST also be made aware of fire exits, fire extinguishers and first aid kits in case of a real emergency.








By having Offpro as your serviced office partners, we can help you with your health and safety policies and procedures within our workplace.

If you think Coventry or Leamington Spa could be the perfect location for you, then find out more information on  ‘number seven’ serviced office today! Or, give us a call on 024 7621 4444 to discuss your business needs.

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