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New Year, New Business Goals 

Welcome to 2019, the perfect year to make the leap to help your small business or start-up grow!

Every business wants and needs to grow to ensure things are kept fresh and interesting. With a growing company, it is hard to predict how it will change in years to come. Customers may move because of changing markets and declining markets, and with smaller companies, it’s easier to go to the customer rather than the other way round.

In the beginning, smaller companies with smaller budgets struggle to move into permanent premises because of cost. Cost is a major factor at any stage of a business’ life, especially at the start. The ability to have your own registered address, office space, meeting space and internet access on flexible terms, at a low cost, is a good alternative to buying premises outright. Our commercial units are perfect for any start-ups looking to rent!


Buying premises outright could cause problems for smaller businesses with smaller budgets. Every business wants to generate more and more profit, with business growth key to this. Having serviced offices on flexible terms without fixed packages and a simple monthly payment, our offices are structured with start-ups in mind.

With uncertainty for any small business or startup with Brexit looming, having flexibility is an excellent asset for any business. Our flexible contracts ensure you can expand your desk space without long term commitment.

Pay for what you need                    

Expansion and growth are unpredictable and could take you by surprise by being either very quick or slow. Investing in a large office space with the ability to add more staff means buying the full space upfront, a hard task incurring high costs. Online here you will be able to choose the exact amount of workstations you require, paying for the exact space you use.

You will have access to superfast fibre optic internet for you and your employees to use within the monthly cost. Mail management, including inbound and outbound services combined with a receptionist to greet you and potential clients if needed. This gives you the corporate look, without corporate prices.

No maintenance costs

It’s a big enough task purchasing your new property for your business, but an extra cost is keeping it maintained for employees to work in. With Offpro, this is taken care of already. Our cleaning and maintenance team ensures your new business home is kept neat and tidy, looking in top condition.

So, start 2019 by making steps towards growth, without the expensive costs stopping your progress. Take a look here at our offices available in Leamington Spa, with number seven.

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