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The benefits of meeting rooms, for meetings!

Project Planning

It’s highly unlikely that within any business with a number of employees that meetings will not occur across the year. Having a separate meeting room available allows delegated teams, departments or specific employees to come together with ideas and problem solve collaboratively. Interested in the benefits of collaborative working? Take a look at our recent blog post on how our offices facilitate this!

‘Tone’ creation 

Having a room away from the potentially noisy office gives you the opportunity to set the tone with whoever you’ve invited into the meeting room. This could be stakeholders, clients, interviews and general meetings! The versatility of having access to a space like this aid the sort of image you’d like to create as a business.







Client Interaction

Being able to have a secluded space away from the office to bring clients to is a great way to create open communication. Clients may not be comfortable sitting in a busy office or discussing terms openly, so having the ability to have one to one personal interactions not only makes them more comfortable but allows you to build a relationship with them. Retaining this relationship could stem from arranging future meetings in the future, and having a prepared location for this in advance ensures they know where to find you.


Even if you intend on having an informal, conversational interview to portray the nature of your business, space, where conversation can happen, sat across from one another allows for a clear dialogue between people. A meeting room also amplifies the importance of the conversation and creates an atmosphere that will bring the best out of the candidate you’re looking at.


One to one interactions for phone calls, meetings or management discussions can’t always happen in the open air. Important decisions need ultimate focus, and removing the decision from the normal office environment can help you chose the correct decision.

A phone call from an important client can take many formats. From negotiating new deals to continuing development on projects, sometimes it requires a private space to reduce background noise and concentrate on the task at hand.







Video Conferencing

Having a professional backdrop for international video calls or video conferences with stakeholders, clients or investors once again creates the tone you intend to imply during the video.

Allowing employees and yourself to have a private area to give full attention and focus on your business increases efficiency and our office spaces can offer this to you. If you’re interested, you can contact us today and see the benefits that our offices can provide to your business.

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