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Perfectly located in the heart of England, Warwickshire is the ideal location for any start-up business. This is why we chose to open our first serviced office in Leamington Spa. The success of this location saw Offpro expand to open a second serviced office, also located in Warwickshire, this time in Coventry. So what is it about the heart of England that makes Offpro’s serviced offices the ideal location for a start-up business?

Transport Networks

Road Links

With Coventry and Warwickshire having the fastest growing economy within the West Midlands, investment was needed into the overused A45 and A46. The A46 Link Road delivers the capacity to sustain future growth, allowing for businesses like yours and ours to invest in the area.

Rail Networks

Leamington Spa train station is under a mile away from our ‘number seven’ property and Coventry train station a short 5 mile Uber, Taxi or bus journey away from Coventry. Both of these stations offer fast services to business hubs Birmingham, Manchester and also London.


Birmingham International Airport can be reached within a 15 minutes drive from Coventry, with East Midlands International Airport well under an hours’ drive away from both Coventry and Leamington Spa.

Coventry and Leamington Spa

Coventry and Warwickshire is home to 12,000 Business, Professional & Financial Service companies, employing over 80,000 people in this sector. Combined with Coventry’s universities and higher education establishments this provides a large number of qualified applicants for job roles, the business sector is ever growing.

Coventry and Warwickshire itself are among the most popular areas of the UK for new businesses to get started, Coventry coming second in the West Midlands and the West Midlands itself coming third in the UK.

Surrounding Area

Speaking of the county’s Universities previously, surrounding counties also have major, well-performing Universities, with a large pool of students to select from. In all, there are 16 universities within the surrounding area of Warwickshire!

County Council Start-Up Support

The Chamber of Commerce offers a range of workshops and coaching, funded by the Government on behalf of Warwickshire County Council! You can find some more information, here. The local council website provides a wide range of detailed guides into support packages, guidance and aid for new start-ups! Knowing you have the required support from the local governing body will always aid you during the tough start-up period.

Perfect for start-up businesses

Alongside the help available from CWLEP Growth Hub and Warwickshire Country Council, the regions startup activity over the last couple of years has been performing well above the national average. The year on year increase has seen Coventry and Warwickshire the fastest growing business development area in the country.

Being crowned the entrepreneurial capital of England in 2017, since then, the area has seen an ever-increasing influx of start-up businesses looking for the best location outside of London.

The Heart of England

Found at the heart of the country, Warwickshire is blessed with excellent access to all corners of the country easily. This is a massive pull point for a variety of sectors, from business and IT, through to retail distribution and manufacturing. With overall business costs coming in almost 60% lower than the capital, many start-ups see Warwickshire’s road links, support and the ideal business location as a pull.

If you think Coventry or Leamington Spa could be the perfect location for you, then find out more information on  ‘number seven’ serviced office today! Or, give us a call on 024 7621 4444 to discuss your business needs.

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