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Why Hot-Desking Can Work for your Business

  Hot-desking is a management trend that revolves around the use of non-allocated workstations. Due to its flexibility and continuous variety, workspaces can be used by any employee at any time of day; encouraging a more social, welcoming and proactive working environment as a result. The activity-based nature of this office style has been widely […]


Health and Safety in the Office Workplace

In most people’s eyes, Health and Safety within an office space environment isn’t the top priority. When comparing it to construction sites it may seem nothing, but health and safety within any workplace should be the total priority and the office workspace is no exception.  Below we’ve listed some of the things you should consider […]


Why Warwickshire?

Perfectly located in the heart of England, Warwickshire is the ideal location for any start-up business. This is why we chose to open our first serviced office in Leamington Spa. The success of this location saw Offpro expand to open a second serviced office, also located in Warwickshire, this time in Coventry. So what is […]

Commercial Property in Warwickshire

Commercial Property in Warwickshire Heart of the Country/Industry Based in the historic county of Warwickshire, and within the Metropolitan county of the West Midlands, Offpro’s number seven commercial serviced properties are situated in the heart of the country. This has seen multiple companies move to the area because of transport links and the ease of […]

The benefits of having Meeting Rooms

It’s highly unlikely that within any business with a number of employees that meetings will not occur across the year. Having a separate meeting room available allows delegated teams, departments or specific employees to come together with ideas and problem solve collaboratively. Interested in the benefits of collaborative […]

Our Co-Working Space, Coventry

Sharing an office space could be seen as daunting by some small business owners when working within close proximity to other businesses. Co-working office spaces have a different environment to the normal office environment but this by no means is negative. A Co-Working office space is an environment that enables people and companies to work collaboratively within a rentable area. Companies of […]

Who can use the Virtual Office Space?

A Virtual Office allows companies to enhance their brand image without having to pay large overheads for a physical office area. The cost of furniture, facilities for workers and general maintenance for a start-up company especially can stunt the initial development of a business because of upfront cost. A virtual space gives at-home businesses, freelancers and […]

Start-up Office Space In Coventry

Commercial Property for start-ups in Coventry!

The hub of innovation for Coventry, housing some of the most ambitious companies. This is a place to be for any up and coming start-ups or entrepreneurs. Join one of the best entrepreneurial communities and meet like-minded business owners, who are keen to see business in Coventry thrive. Co-working Office Space Collaborate with like-minded people […]

virtual offices in warwickshire

Virtual Offices Warwickshire

Virtual Offices Warwickshire Business owners in Rugby, Kenilworth, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Warwick will be glad to hear that we offer affordable virtual offices in great locations. Our virtual offices allow you to be free of stress and scale your firm at your own pace. We’ll deal with the time-wasting activities like admin while you concentrate on […]