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Who can use the Virtual Office Space?

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office allows companies to enhance their brand image without having to pay large overheads for a physical office area. The cost of furniture, facilities for workers and general maintenance for a start-up company especially can stunt the initial development of a business because of upfront cost. A virtual space gives at-home businesses, freelancers and start-ups the chance to generate an initial presence in the marketplace or, to simply keep costs down to invest in other areas of the businesses development before they invest in premises.

Who uses Virtual Offices? 

Virtual offices can be beneficial for many industries and provide benefits for any size of company, from Start-Ups and SME’s, through to large corporate companies. We have a vast range of companies from a variety of sectors currently operating from our offices including those in Architecture, Printing and Business Solutions, Residential Care and much more!

Just starting out?  Cost saving solutions for SME’s 

Start-Ups and Freelancers reap the benefits of a Virtual Office space because of the large cost of having and maintaining their very own branded premises. The amount of businesses that fail within the first two years due to start-up costs just shows the pressure that upfront costs can place on the initial growth!  A Virtual Office gives Start-Ups the opportunity to slash this cost, allowing for funds to be invested in other areas of the business for expansion and innovation of the product/service.







The Appearance of Establishment

Small to medium enterprises with lower capital than larger firms not only find it harder to spread costs, they also have the added pressure of establishing their company in the marketplace. Virtual Office spaces give companies the ability to provide customers with official business phone numbers, mail addresses and meeting locations which creates a stronger corporate image for a lower manageable cost.  Some virtual offices also offer administrative support as add-on services which can help lessen the workload stress on SME’s and individuals whose previous freelance space was predominantly at home.







Geographical Splits

Many organisations have employees nationally and globally. Virtual Offices are extremely flexible, with the ability to rent conference rooms for meetings wherever and whenever is convenient for business purposes. Our spaces could be used as a middle meeting point, for example; your business location and your client could be based miles apart, with Leamington being a convenient location for all parties to convene. Alternatively, with our spaces being packed with conference technology and screens, they make the perfect place to sit in on a Skype-based conference call!

Location testing for larger businesses

For companies with larger budgets, virtual office spaces can be used to test new locations and markets without having to invest heavily. If a company is considering operating in two locations, virtual offices can be used for test purposes to reduce costs whilst determining the demand in the area.







The Benefits for all

The flexible contract that Off-Pro offers, combined with the cost saving impact of Virtual Offices allows companies of all sizes to be able to scale up and down the facilities within the space as and when the business needs on a real time basis.

With office spaces also offering a new location to explore, one of our Virtual Offices may open the doors for you to new clients!


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