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Our Co-Working Space, Coventry

Sharing an office space could be seen as daunting by some small business owners when working within close proximity to other businesses. Co-working office spaces have a different environment to the normal office environment but this by no means is negative.

What is a Co-working office space?

A Co-Working office space is an environment that enables people and companies to work collaboratively within a rentable area. Companies of all sizes can rent a space within the office, allowing them to physically work alongside other startups, freelancers and small businesses.







What are the benefits?

Shared workspaces allow smaller companies and start-ups to use the facilities of an owned property without the large cost. They also encourage collaborative learning through the amount of flexibility of contracts on offer, with the wide range of facilities available for rent. If a meeting is needed, impress your client by renting out an office space in the shared office you work from, allowing for formal meetings in the style of large corporate businesses.

Won’t multiple industries be under one roof?

This is one of the biggest pluses. Building a community of various industry backgrounds current and present and past experiences within one space allows for co-creation. Working collaboratively allows you to question, shadow and learn from other industries that can only help your business grow. Understanding other industries for e-commerce companies can only be a benefit, and start-up companies looking to grow can find out what works and what doesn’t within the marketplace.







Having a larger open workspace allows for networking that many start-ups may struggle to do at the beginning. Having links in different industries for future sales, collaborations, moving into new markets and deals could be imperative for the future development of a start-up business.


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