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Brexit? – How Serviced Offices Can Help in Uncertain Times

So, the British Government has finally triggered Article 50 and, as we face the depressing prospect of two years of ‘over-the-top’ media coverage, it just might be a good time to reflect on how serviced offices can help a business weather the uncertainty.

Although the performance of the economy has been quite strong since the referendum in June 2016, it is fair to say that many people still have a concern about the long-term impact on business.

This has not been helped by the diversity of opinion on what the future holds among the ‘experts’ as the Government tries to plot its way through the previously untested separation process to a positive outcome for the people and businesses of the United Kingdom.

In a period of such considerable uncertainty, it is only prudent that a business manages its costs and limits future downside risk in case things turn a little more difficult in the months and years ahead.

Serviced Offices with their shorter commitment and greater emphasis on flexibility should, therefore, be a prime consideration for any business looking for the ideal space in the short to medium-term.

Here at Offpro Ltd, we provide a very calm and professional working environment where our clients are able to concentrate on their business at all times with minimum interference. We believe our levels of FLEXIBILITY are a key differentiator from many of our competitors. This governs every aspect of our relationship with clients and we aim to mould to the client’s requirements rather than imposing a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

So, when looking for office space, the following key factors, among others, should be at the forefront of client evaluation and decision-making processes:

i) Shorter, more flexible agreement periods compared to traditional leases. Our normal minimum is 12-months which provides some stability although we can be flexible on this. However, the longer the commitment, the more flexible we can be on other elements including the price

ii) Inclusive pricing – we minimise the time you will spend on managing the space and processing invoices by including almost everything in the monthly rent, including business rates, furniture, utilities, aircon and even free tea and coffee. A second invoice each month covers any ad-hoc services used – typically, just outbound telephone traffic and meeting rooms (although we are happy to be flexible on these too depending on usage patterns)

iii) Ability to change the space occupied – and, therefore, paid for – to reflect ongoing business needs. One of our strengths in the 15-years we have been providing serviced offices as we have never failed to satisfy a client’s changing space needs when required. We replace the existing agreement and start again and believe this flexibility accounts for why clients stay with us over the long-term

iv) Flexible pricing – although we won’t give space away, we are always happy to look at other pricing models such as stepped arrangements. Obviously, the longer the commitment from the client, the more flexible we can be!

So, if you feel serviced offices could help your business development over the next two years, we here at Offpro Ltd are always ready to provide further information and answer your questions. Give us a call 024 7621 4444 and see how we can satisfy all your office needs and expectations.

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